The Penmen Archives

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JJ Bailey

A wonderful specimen of business penmanship


WA Baird

A Letter done in Engrosser's Script (Copperplate)


SE Bartow

A fine specimen of Ornamental penmanship


HP Behrensmeyer

A flourished bird with ornamental script


Buddy Blackwell

An example of Buddy's distinctive ornate penmanship


HS Blanchard

Engrosserís Script and Offhand Flourishing


EW Bloser

Ornamental script and signature


SM Blue

Signature and Business Penmanship


EL Brown

A wonderful specimen of engrossing


Clinton C. Canan

A scan of an original Ďcutí penned by Canan for publication


Mary L. Champion

A rare specimen: Mary's Zanerian Certificate done in Business Script


CH Clark

Remarkable Offhand Flourishing from the Hand of a Master


update001.gifPW Costello update001.gif

Updated March 2008 with ~400 Megs of images and a detailed Biography from his Great-Grandson Tom Costello


FB Courtney

Bird Flourish with Needle Stitch Script Signature


AW Dakin

A letter written in Ornamental Penmanship


WE Dennis

Bird Flourish


The Dennis & Baird Studio

A 'must see' specimen of engrossing


Louis DiGesare

Ornamental Penmanship


CE Doner

Ornamental script signature


EC Enriquez

A remarkable offhand flourishing


Lester L. Fields

A Gold Seal Zanerian Certificate in Engrosserís Script 


Walter J. Filling

Master Penman and Engrosser


HW Flickinger

Ornamental script from the hand of a master


GA Gaskell

Bird Flourish and Ornamental Penmanship


JS Griffith

Ornamental Alphabet Exemplar


Rene Guillard

Ornamental Script


LH Hausam

A wonderful specimen of Offhand Flourishing


William C. Henning

A wonderful specimen of Offhand Flourishing


AH Hinman

Ornamental Penmanship


CV Howe

Engrosser's Script (Copperplate) Caps exemplar


LM Kelchner

A wonderful specimen of Offhand Flourishing


HW Kibbe

Ornamental Script


CC Lister

Business Penmanship


JK Lowe

Loweís Zanerian Certificate in Engrosserís script


Paula Loya

An engrossed specimen in honor of EA Lupfer


EA Lupfer

Ornamental Penmanship


Louis Madarasz

Ornamental Script


Roy H. Manly, Sr.

Engrossed Specimen & Ornamental Script


FW Martin

Engrosserís Script


IP Mensch

Illuminated Specimen


EC Mills

A specimen of business writing from EC Mills


CW Norder

An original specimen from The Zanerian Manual


AN Palmer

An exemplar of business letters


Eileen (Broad) Richardson

A wonderful specimen of ornamental script


JC Ryan

The "Handless Penman"


Fielding Schofield

Ornamental script and Offhand Flourishing


AG Skeels

Business Penmanship


LP Spencer

Ornamental script


PR Spencer

A specimen from the Father of Spencerian Script


Sarah Spencer

Spencerian Script


Anna Stutt-Gittins

 A Penman who was compared to Madarasz


FW Tamblyn

A specimen of Ornamental Penmanship


AD Taylor

The remarkable script of AD Taylor


JD Todd

Alphabet exemplar cut for Business Educator magazine


JA Wesco

Offhand Flourishing


JD Williams

Offhand Flourishing


CP Zaner

Zaner! Nuff Said!