LH Hausam


L. H. Hausam was born in St. Charles, Mo., in 1870. Mr. Hausam became interested in penmanship when he was quite young and became an expert. At the age of fifteen he began organizing classes in the country districts and was known as the "Boy penman." Mr. Hausam was the author of the book, "The New Education in Penmanship." He wrote articles for different magazines, among them was The Educator. He taught in many business colleges and finally became author of a series of writing books, which was at one time used in the public schools of Kansas. Mr. Hausam excelled as a fine Ornamental writer and a bird flourisher. He was also an authority on the teaching of handwriting. Only recently The Educator published some of Mr. Hausam's late penwork. Thousands of persons have been inspired by his work. After retiring, Hausam lived on a farm in Emporia, Kansas, until his death on 13th of January 1941.

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