Irwin P. Mensch


The subject of this sketch, Irwin P. Mensch, was born near Reading, Pa., March 4, 1881. At the age of 15 he entered Callol Institute, Reading, Pa., where he pursued advanced English studies. He next entered the Inter-State College, Reading, Pa., where he completed the stenographic course, and soon there after accepted a position as shipping clerk in a whole sale hat store. He was soon advanced to assistant stock keeper, but finally gave up mercantile duties to become stenographer to one of the city's executives. After some time in this position Mr. Mensch returned to the Inter-State College and completed the commercial course in such a satisfactory manner that he was retained as instructor in penmanship and commercial branches. After teaching one year he became chief clerk in the drafting room in the P.& R. Ry. Company's shops at Reading, Pa., where he remained for two years.

Mr. Mensch became interested in lettering during the time that he was employed as shipping clerk, and developed an ambition to become a good penman and engrosser. Insistent in his efforts to perfect himself, he entered Zanerian College, Columbus, Ohio, where he remained as a student for some time. He has since filled the following positions to the entire satisfaction of his employers: instructor of penmanship 'at Inter-State College, Reading, Pa.; assistant commercial teacher at Morse Business College, Hartford, Conn.; principal commercial department 'Spencerian Business College, Newburg, N. Y. Mr. Mensch is an enthusiastic teacher and is constantly trying to broaden himself and acquire a liberal education.

From the D'Aquanno Collection

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