(*Images and Bio provided by Michael Butorac)

JA Wesco


On April 20, 1938, John Austin Wesco, originator of the Wesco System of Penmanship and writing instructor in the Portland, Oregon, Public Schools, died. His pen is silent forever, but his skillful work will remain with us as an inspiration. Mr. Wesco was born in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, August 29, 1855. His early life was spent on a farm hear Lovilla, Iowa, where he developed a rugged constitution. Mr. Wesco received his training and early Inspiration from D. L. Musselman of Ore Gem City Business College, G. A. Gaskell of Concord, New Hampshire, and E. R. LiIlibridge of, Lincoln, Nebraska. Mr. Wesco taught penmanship in Iowa, Lincoln, Nebraska, and Portland, Oregon. In Portland he was connected with the Holmes Business College, The Portland Business College and the Behnke-Walker Business College. In 1914 he was elected Supervisor of Handwriting in the Portland Public Schools which position he held for many years. Mr. Wesco engrossed many hundreds of resolutions and other jobs of pen work with remarkable skill and speed. During his early years he became interested in music and went from Portland, Ore., to Boston to study violin making, in which work he became known as a Master. Violins were sent to him to be repaired from Paris, Vienna, and other music centers. As a handwriting expert he was widely known and handled hundreds of cases. Men of high standing in the profession consider that his work ranks among the very finest.

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