(Bio and Specimen courtesy of Paul Melzer)

William C. Henning


William C. Henning studied under Louis Madarasz and Austin Palmer in 1893 at the Cedar Rapids Business College. In 1895 he attended the Zanerian Art College in Columbus, Ohio, studying with C. P. Zaner, C. E. Doner, and E. W. Bloser. Henning followed F. A. Keefover as Associate Editor of "American Penman," serving in this capacity from 1907 through 1912. For much of the first half the 1900's, he organized and conducted the summer school in the Palmer Method of handwriting for teachers and penmanship supervisors, the first and largest of such schools being in Cedar Rapids. Like Francis B. Courtney and William E. Dennis, Henning also went into the field of examining questioned handwriting.


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