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Taken from IAMPETH’s The Penman’s News Letter Volume 18, Number 4, May 1985……….Joe Vitolo


Another great master Engrosser has left us. It is with great regret that we report the sad news of the passing of Lester Lincoln Fields. His lovely wife, Ruth, wrote as follows: "I lost my beloved Les on July 28, 1984. He is sorely missed. Also is enclosed a check to cover the extension of subscription to The Penmen's News Letter. L. L. enjoyed it so much, so please keep me on the mailing list. He was one person who truly enjoyed his work and had been at it since he was a young man. On June 1 he was 91, so it would seem safe to say that he was a dedicated penman. I now have the painful responsibility of deciding if, when and where and how to dispose of his rather sizeable store of art-related materials. Sincerely, Ruth W. Fields."

Mr. and Mrs. Fields attended our convention when it was held at Lakeside, Ohio and what a great privilege it was to meet this fine, fine couple. They were so devoted to each other. ''A keen intellect, a sharp memory and total integrity gave credence to his words. He was tolerant, non-critical and rarely judged another. He was disciplined, honorable and dependable and expected these same traits in others. He was one who always commanded respect.''

Lester did superb work, but he was so very humble about it. He was a partner of Chester L. Cook in Chicago for many years and the work of both of these men was of the highest caliber. We extend our sincere sympathy to Ruth and also to Chester Cook.

Fields’ ‘Gold Seal’ Zanerian Certificate

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