Buddy Blackwell


The following was taken The IAMPETH Newsletter 1999 and Submitted by Kathy Saunders.


It is with heavy heart that I must tell you of the passing from this life of Buddy Blackwell on March 16, 1999.


Buddy had a life-long love of letters that began when he was a child growing up in the South at a time when a pen was much too costly. Buddy would pick poke berries, crush them in a sock and use the juice as his ink. After reading directions on how to cut a quill from a history book, he cut his own from goose feathers using only a kitchen knife and scissors. Occasionally he was lucky enough to get a tablet of paper or scraps of paper from the local printer. Buddy would diligently practice the alphabet that was displayed above the blackboard at school. Flourishing came almost as naturally as he watched an uncle demonstrate the graceful execution of the strokes.


After 30 years as a printer doing part time calligraphy, Buddy's hobby became his livelihood in 1980. He ran his business as an engrosser and calligrapher from his home in Edmonds, Washington. He was the author of the book and accompanying video tape "Learning Roundhand and Flourishes".


Buddy was a past-president of IAMPETH and hosted the 1989 convention in Denver, Colorado. He was also a strong supporter of Write On Calligraphers in Edmonds, WA and the Seattle Society for Calligraphy and Handwriting. He has produced work for The Boeing Company, Bill and Melissa Gates, The University of Washington, Tipper Gore, Barbara Mandrell and the TV show "Northern Exposure". Many people have been touched by his illuminated Twenty-third Psalm.


We in IAMPETH, and in all of the lettering community, will miss him dearly. A gentler man, there never has been and I was lucky to call him my friend.



This specimen of ornamental penmanship is from the late Buddy Blackwell.

The image was scanned from Buddy's instructional book. Buddy also designed

a versatile penholder (see the Oblique Penholder Archive).


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