(*Portrait used with permission from Michael Sullís Spencerian Script and Ornamental Penmanship, Volume I.)

CE Doner


Obituary Comments taken from The Educator 1955

Again we mourn the passing of a dear friend and coworker, Charles E. Doner. He was born in 1875 on a farm in Cumberland Co., Penn. In 1893, he entered the Zanerian College, Columbus, Ohio, and did outstanding work. It was here that he did his first teaching. By persistent study and intelligent practice he improved steadily and became one of America's leading penmen and educators. He taught in Spencerian Commercial College, Cleveland; Heffley School of Commerce, New York City; Y.M.C.A. evening classes, New York. He supervised handwriting in Beverly, Mass., grade schools, and directed the teaching of handwriting in the Mass. State Normal Schools. He also was a special instructor in handwriting and methods at several Zanerian College summer school terms. His business and ornamental penmanship was unexcelled by any penman. He was an industrious, methodical student, an efficient instructor, and, at all times, a refined, lovable gentleman. C. E. Doner will long be remembered.

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