EC Enriquez.


Eliseo Carlos Enriquez was born in the district of Quiapo, Manila Philippine Islands on April 1, 1907. He was the youngest son Tomas and Victoriana Enriquez. In 1911, they moved to Pineda, a small barrio in Pasig, the capital town of Regal province, just a few miles from the city where young Enriquez spent his youth. It was soon discovered that to had unusual in his studies, especially in penmanship. He was a boy of seven father began to teach him how to write. His father had studied the Espanola" a style of Spanish penmanship.

While a student in the Rizal high School, he saw one of F. W. Tamblyn's ads in the Popular Mechanics" magazine, and soon began corresponding with Tamblyn, who took more than usual interest in this young boy in the Philippine Islands. Young Enriquez sent for Tamblyn's Nome Instructor, from he soon mastered the alphabet and figures, and lettering and flourishing. He sent for some American Penman magazines, also the Business Educator. He was a careful student in all branches of penmanship. He also studied Lithography and soon found employment in a large lithographing firm in Manila. He worked with this firm from 1927 till 1941 when war broke out with Japan.

Enriquez was a great penman, artist and engraver.  He was a master of offhand flourishing producing highly intricate specimens.   In addition, he was extremely skilled in script and text lettering. His work was featured in several Business Educator magazines as well as the Zanerian Manual.

In 1935 he was married to a talented young lady. Three daughters came to gladden their home. He was assigned to the art department of "Litografia Montes, Inc.," Here he did various styles of lettering, commercial designing and engraving on stones. He also did pen work, engraving and retouching of watch dials.

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