Wonderful Penholders from Paper and Ink Arts



The Hourglass Adjustable Oblique Holder


Pictured above is the latest penholder from Brenda at Paper and Ink Arts is The Hourglass Adjustable Oblique Holder (the flange is based on the legendary IW Bullock Oblique Penholder). Here is the description from the Paper and Ink Arts web site:


“Our Exclusive Design Just Got Better! This beautiful and functional holder features a waterproof, wood/resin handle for many years of use, a comfortable hourglass handle and the versatile adjustable flange which hold all nibs securely. Thanks to Joe Vitolo for suggesting that we combine the best qualities of our Oblique Holders and for his advice on how to set the angle of this terrific holder!  Joe recommends it highly! Rosewood color.”


You can view a demo of this penholder on Youtube by clicking the link below:




Note: I would like to preface my endorsement by stating that I made/make no monetary profit from the sale of any of the penholders listed on this page. Any design input I provided for the Hourglass Adjustable, Century 5/8ths or the Carrot oblique penholders was freely given. Therefore, the following endorsement of the penholder listed above is both unsolicited and freely given.


“The Hourglass Adjustable Oblique penholder has become my main oblique penholder. For me this penholder represents the pinnacle of design, function and esthetics in oblique penholders. Every pen is ‘handmade’ by a master craftsman that produces high-grade ‘Bows’ for stringed instruments such Violin and Cello. In my opinion, each pen is a functional work of art that allows ‘ease of use’ for the novice as well as the adjustability required by the advanced script writer.”    Dr. Joseph M. Vitolo, Script Specialist & Webmaster for Zanerian.com.


Additional Penholders available from Paper and Ink Arts:

The other penholders available through Brenda Broadbent of Paper and Ink Arts are shown below. The fist holder pictured below (starting from the left) is the regular sized Century oblique. Brenda was kind enough to allow me to have design input into the next two penholders the Century oblique 5/8ths large holder and the oversized Carrot oblique. The reason for producing the 5/8ths holder was to decrease hand fatigue associated with tightly gripping a narrow holder. The Carrot oblique was made for calligraphers with problems gripping or arthritic hands. The last penholder, the PIA is a wonderful design based on the Bullock universal flange design (the same basic flange design as the penholder shown above). The PIA can literally handle almost any size nib including crowquills!


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