Zanerian Certificates

Graduates of The Zanerian College were required to pen their own certificate depending on their area of study. Students were awarded colored seals based on their level of achievement with a Gold Seal being the highest followed by Red and Green in that order. This page provides links to images of all known certificates.

Clinton C. Canan

The discovery of Cananís certificate (Vitolo Collection) was a very significant find. Penned in 1893 while the college was still ĎThe Zanerian Art Collegeí and seals were not awarded (apparently). Cananís brief career did not prevent him from being regarded as one of the most skilled ornamental penman ever to use a pen. Zaner-Bloser would eventually publish a book to highlight the work of this master. Only one other penman to my knowledge has received this honor from Zaner-Bloser, the great Louis MadaraszÖ..Joe Vitolo

William A. Lilly

Gold Seal certificate in Engrosserís script.

Chris Costaras

Gold Seal certificate in Engrossing

Milton J. Miller

Red Seal certificate in Engrosserís script (DíAquanno Collection)

Lester L. Fields

Gold Seal certificate in Engrosserís script (Vitolo Collection)

James K. Lowe

Certificate in Engrosserís script (Seal color unknown)

Mary Champion

Certificate in Modern Handwriting (Seal color unknown)

In addition, we havelocated two Ďmodelí certificates penned by the man himself Charles P. Zaner, founder of The Zanerian College, for his students to use as a guide. These two breath taking rare specimens are penned in Engrosserís script (Vitolo Collection) and the other in Ornamental/Artistic script (Hurford Collection).

Zanerís Model Certificate for Ornamental Script

Zanerís Model Certificate for Engrosserís Script