Vintage Penmanship Publications


The Business Educator

Published by Zaner-Bloser and would become The Educator


The Penmanís Newsletter

Founded by Major FO Anderson and would eventually become The IAMPETH Newsletter. Anderson began this publication at the behest of several prominent penmen of the day including PZ Bloser. Bloser wanted Anderson to continue on with a publication that would continue on after Zaner-Bloserís The Educator ended its long run. This particular cover was a composite that Anderson made using The Penmenís Art Journal image for the final issue with him as Editor. However, this was not the typical look of the publication. IAMPETH founder Eileen Richardson took over the Editorís duties.


The Penmanís Art Journal

Founded by DT Ames


The Business Journal

Formerly The Penmanís Art Journal


The Western Penman

(Founded by AN Palmer)


The American Penman

Formerly The Western Penman, published by the AN Palmer Co.

(This issue contained the WE Dennis obituary.)