Workshop in Engrosser's Script: Outline

By Dr. Joseph M. Vitolo

(*See image and outline text below)



I. Historical Context and Introduction to Engrosser's Script

1- Terminology and Styles of Penmanship

2- An American Perspective on English

Roundhand (Copperplate)

- An Ode to England

- Gallery of Master Penmen (Men and Women)

- The Zanerian Legacy

II. Tools and Materials of the Art

1- Demystifying the Oblique Penholder

- Adjusting the nib/flange

2- Ink: Requirements and Recommendations

-Types of Ink, Modifiers, Acidity (pH), Archival Properties

3- Paper: Requirements and Recommendations

4- Nibs: Requirements and Recommendations

- Vintage versus Modern

- What made some vintage   nibs ‘Legendary’?

- The nib and when to change it!

- Cleaning methods

III. Getting Started in Engrosser’s Script

1-     Using the Oblique Pointed Flexible Pen: A

Challenge in Three Dimensions

- Movement (Whole Arm,    Muscular, etc.)

- Nib Play: A Question of Tines

- Nib to Paper Angle

- Paper Position and re-Positioning

2- Preliminary Practice Strokes

- The Shaded Down Stroke

- Hairlines (To Upstroke or Not to Upstroke)

- Connectors (Influence on Spacing)

- Cutoffs

-Non-retouched Cutoff

-Retouched Cutoff

VI. Engrosser's Script

- Fundamental Shapes

- The all-important oval

- Understanding Curvature

- Compound Curves

- The Straight Line

- Connectors

- Shaded Transitions

-The Stem Loop



-Secondary Rear Shades


V. Engrosser's Script: The Lower Case Letters

(An in depth analysis of the lower case letters)

- Lower Case Letter Families

- Lower Case Letterform Variance in Engrosser's Script

- Advanced Lower Case Letterform Concepts



VI. Engrosser's Script: The Upper Case Letters

(An in depth analysis of the upper case letters)

- Upper Case Letterform Variance in Engrosser's Script

- Putting It All Together: Words

- Advanced Upper Case Letterform Concepts

VII. Engrosser's Script: Advanced Applications

- Needle Stitch Script

- Gold Work: 23k Gilded Script


Sample Instructional Exemplar

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